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Here you can purchase Susheel Bibbs' works -- two new ones are a DVD (An Unsung Muse) on classical song of black composers and a booklet on performing the spiritual. Don't miss her award-winning documentaries, book, and Bach-to-Broadway CD.

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2 NEW WORKS!------------------------------------------------------------

DVD: AN UNSUNG MUSE -- Classical Song of Black Composers,

TV documentary on 200 years of black classical song, featuring acclaimed artists. 40 mins. ($14.95 plus tax, $2 s/h) UPC:887936461675 (c) Bibbs 2013. Also available via

=TO ORDER THE DVD direct ($14.95 plus tax and $2 s/h), Click here:

Created by Susheel Bibbs with Tumani Onabiyi, this wonderful "performance" documentary celebrates 200 years of concert spirituals and classical song by black composers. History, photos, performances, and archival interviews -- a must for educators and lovers of classical song, perfect for music departments, concert artists, and lovers of the spiritual. Taped in 1991 for KTOP-TV.

Performances by sopranos Susheel Bibbs, Helen Dilworth, and Lorene Spain, Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Hilda Harris, tenor William Brown, and bass-baritone David L. Tigner.

Performed works by Roland Hayes, Jacqueline Hairston, Hall Johnson, H.T. Burleigh, Scott Joplin, Undine Smith Moore, Leslie Adams, Margaret Bonds, Noel da Costa, E. Rogie Clark, Anthony Davis. Many other composers are chronicled in the narration.

Interviews with Jacqueline Hairston, Susheel Bibbs, Hilda Harris, Olly Wilson, William Duncan Allen, David Tigner.($14.95). Order via Amazon by June 30.

BOOKLET: The Art of the Spiritual --A Brief Guide to Enhance Performance of the Concert Spiritual ($10.95 plus tax and $2 s/h)

The first of its kind! The wisdom of composers, coaches, and arrangers, who guided Susheel's career in singing the spiritual, compiled to reveal the traditions, performance techniques, and the use of dialect. A must for classical singers who want to perform concert spirituals, choral directors, and others. -guidelines on dialect include IPA symbols. Order here:


BIBBS OTHER WORKS -----------------------------------------Order now below--

HERITAGE OF POWER ($24.95, plus S/H)

The 6x9 sized Enhanced Edition of Heritage of Power is here!!!

Don't settle for an older version!!

This is the first book to document Pleasant's civil-rights acheivements; it is a biography and a social history in one -- The book tells Pleasant's story using the latest research and explains how a unique religious heritage and a model for social change given by her early mentor, voodoo queen Marie LaVeaux, helped her earn the title, "Mother of Civil Rights in California." Forget the fiction, the old "Mammy" books and what you've read about "Mammy Pleasant," and learn the real story. It's no less exciting, but much more respectful or a very daring person. The book also demystifies the life of LaVeaux and her faith, Vodou, nowthe national religion of Haiti.

Editions -- . Bookstores can only order the book via this site or via Ingram, Baker and Taylor, or another trade listing. Ask your local bookstore to carry it.

The Enhanced Edition is the most current one; order this new edition here: Click here

Note: The older 11 x 8.5 and 8.5x8.5 sized editions (1998, 2011) have been retired from circulation. You may find older editions used, but the new 6x9 Enhanced Edition is much improved and expanded.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORDER ONE OF BIBBS' FILMS ON Mary PLEASANT ON DVD below--

DVD's: MEET MARY PLEASANT (Mother of Civil Rights)--Award-winning PBS documentary. Two possibilities -- with or without bonus material:

Bibbs awardwinning performance documentary, narrated by RUBY DEE, interweaves SUSHEEL BIBBS' renowned performance of Mary Pleasant. It is based on over 20 years of research and on Pleasant's own words. The film interweaves performance, commentary by internationally known scholars, enactments, montages, archival photos and film footage, animation, and period music (including spirituals sung or hummed by Bibbs), to reveal Pleasant's true, colorful story. Seven years in the making, it's not fiction, but rather, the colorful history of abolition, the Underground Railroad, early SF, and civil rights as they surround Pleasant's inspiring story. The film reveals Pleasant's most important civil-rights contribution-- a court battle that changed modern civil-rights law. And it addresses controversies that have too long obscured her life. Read reviews on

($18.95), Click here

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DVD: Bibbs' Award-winning half hour PBS documentary: THE LEGACY OF MARY ELLEN PLEASANT (26:46 min)
This fast-paced, PBS Short documentary won a silver TELLY Award in 08-- The Northern CA Broadcast Award of merit: Perfect for an in-school intro to Pleasant, it contains re-enactments and portions of the longer documentary and Bibbs' chautauqua, but focuses primarily on commentary by California scholars and Pleasant's most important civil-rights achievement-- a court battle in the CA State Supreme Court that changed modern-day civil-rights law. It takes a quick look at Pleasant's early life and other civil-rights accomplishments too. -great intro to Pleasant.
Order here from the PBS Affiliate ($14.95),

A CD ---
CD: A Retrospective: Susheel Bibbs in Concert Live ($15.95 plus tax, $2 s/h)

Susheel Bibbs in concert LIVE with songs from Bach to Broadway (an artistic retrospective from 1986 to the present).

Here Bibbs' selections on

Live private recording -- Arias, duets, scenes, spirituals, black art song, also selections from musicals. Order here