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Past Performances

Bibbs' Schedule of Presentations!

Below you'll find some of Susheel Bibbs' key current and archived presentatons. The listing begins with 2018; after this, you'll find an archive of some past presentations. First a few new Websites that you might want to check out:

= See the Hyers' Voices for Freedom trailer and get the DVD at -- HYERS Website.

= To Make a donation to expand the Hyers film and to send it to schools and libraries or to Distribute the Pleasant film, MEET MARY PLEASANT to schools and libraries -- use the TAX DEDUCTIBLE "Donation" link under the "NEWS" or "FILM" tab on this site, and place either HYERS or PLEASANT in the note for your donation.

=NEXT HYERS FILM SCREENING: San Francisco, February 2th at 6pm --$5 (endowed series). Susheel will speak and sing briefly before the screening and sign some DVDs there. Link:

=NEXT Mary Pleasant PERFORMANCES: March 23, 7 pm and Mar. 24 at 4pm, MEET MARY PLEASANT --O FREEDOM! --THE MUSICAL. Preceded by Bibbs' short film --The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant. At the Brickhouse Art Gallery (36th & B'wy), Sacramento, CA. See the "NEWS" tab on this site for more details. Watch this site for ticket details too

=Contact MEP Productions for bookings at
(see Archive below for previous bookings)


November 11, 2017, 7pm: Susheel will sing a song recital on the Sacramento Saturday Concert Series. Bibbs guests are John Cozza, piano, and Omari Tau, baritone. Contact:Bruce Hubbard at

=November 15 at 7, Nov. 17 at 4:30, Nov. 19 at 6:30, Bibbs film VOICES FOR FREEDOM, The Hyers Sisters' Legacy will be broadcast on VIEWFINDER on KVIE-TV, Ch. 6, PBS. Available throughout Sacramento and in may parts of the Sierra to San Jose on Cable.

Feb. 2017: Bibbs won the first Willis Patterson Award for research behind her films and presentations from the national African American Artsong Alliance


The Living Heritage Foundation under Susheel Bibbs is sponsoring several programs for its sponsorees and grantees. Visit --

=LHF Donor's concert: May 30, 7:30pm, soprano Shawnette Sulker in concert at Harrison Oaks Studio/Concert Series.

=June 13, 11:30am, Susheel Bibbs speaks on Mary Pleasant at her gravesite and sings Pleasant's favorite hymns. Contact Nancy Brennen, Tulocay Cemetary, Napa, CA

=Jan.16, 4pm, Taping of Travel Channel guest spot on MEP, Mysteries at the Museum SF Main Library (Air date TBA --watch your TV listings!) Contact Kristen Lombardo (

=Feb.9, 1 pm, Maui Chautauqua: Meet Mary Pleasant, Hale Mahaolu Akahi Center, (Parking on Hina only). contact: Angela Smith

=March-July --Bibbs is doing Grant and Script writing and creating the Hyers concert -- much work going on! There will be a Hyers taping in Oakland and another next year in San Francisco for the opening of the Bayview Opera House.

Aug. 17, 9pm. KCSM-FM 91 on Jazz Sessions (, click Live), Susheel Bibbs (still a classical artist and writer) guests for one hour with Harry Hall playing jazz related to her interview. Tune in

Aug 24: "POSTPONED DUE TO SPONSOR (Franklin Marshall) ILLNESS. --was August 24, 2 p.m. Chautauqua: Meet Mary Pleasant--WATCH FOR RE-SCHEDULING
Part of the May Pleasant Bi-centennial Celebration, featuring release of a new children's book on Pleasant by Franklin Marshall. Pleasant gave gave three birth years, but 1814 is the best known. I'm happy to celebrate her at any time! Free. Contact: Franklin Marshall,

Sept. 10, 4 pm. Bibbs' Master Class on classical song of black composers, Opera and Voice Departments, California State University, Sacramento, Room 151, Capistrano Hall (choral hall). Composer Jacqueline B. Hairston at the piano. (for SAC voice/opera students), Website:

Sept. 12, 7pm. Screening and Concert: "An Unsung Muse, Classical Song of Black Composers" a film by Susheel Bibbs with Tumani Onabiyi (40 min) followed by a brief Q & A and a concert by voice students who attended Bibbs' Sac State masterclass on black classical song. FREE and Open to the public. Capistrano Hall (Recital Hall). Contact: Robin Fisher, D.M.A., Professor of Voice --, Website:

October 4 at 5pm -- The Hyers Sisters Concert taping, featuring film, narration, visuals, and renowned artists First Unitarian Church (concert space), 685 14th St., Oakland, CA. Doors open at 4:30. You can be there! It's free, --just email, sign, and bring a release. Features narration, film, international opera, song, and world music/hip hop artists.

Note: This 2-hour program was a smash! It will be excerpted for Bibbs' upcoming film and will come back to the Bay Area in 2016. Watch this site

November 9, 3pm. Bibbs' Hyers Celebration in Word, Video, and Song. Capitol Chamber Players Series, Congregation B'nai Israel Chapel, 3600 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA.95818, $20, $15 (seniors), $10 (students).

-A brief, colorful, touring multi-media, lecture-performance presentation on Sacramento's divas of the 1880's, The Hyers Sisters: Bibbs narrates their amazing story, shows visuals and film clips, sings songs, spirituals, and duets. Baritone Omari Tau will guest.Pianist John Cozza will accompany, and other award-winning artists, such as Tichina Vaughn and baritone Robert Sims will appear on film. Contact:


=January 2015
January 4, TBA. Chautauqua: Meet Mary Pleasant. San Francisco City Hall. Part of a special celebration of Mary Pleasant on an anniversary of her passing (Jan. 4, 1904). Details to come. Contact: Franklin Marshall,

January 10-13, Time TBA. Susheel Bibbs' presentation of song and her film on Classical song of black composers will be presented at The Hawaii International Conference on the Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI. Hilton Waikiki Beach Resort. Watch for more detail. No charge

March -- Watch for Susheel in New Orleans

May 15 -- Watch for Susheel at WGBH in Boston

June 13 2015, Time TBA. Bibbs appearance at Mary Pleasant tour, Tulocay Cemetery. contact: Tulocay our leader Nancy Brennan.

Reminder: For details about these presentations email M.E.P. Productions --; for the concert reservatopmsonly, email


January 2013
=Jan.1, Emancipation Proclamation Program Appearance. Bayview Opera House, 2pm, San Francisco. Bibbs will sing three selections on the gala program. Free. 4705 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94124 tel 415.824.0386.

=Jan. 8, 12 and 1:00pm (thirty-five-minute youth program)--Big Dreams, Small Shoulders by Deborah Pittman, Bibbs as Singer-Docent in this multi-media musical, based on the famous Norman Rockwell painting, The Problem We All Live With on Ruby Bridges, the six year old escorted into an all white school by US Marshalls in 1960

= Jan. 13, 3 pm -- Gala Concert: Big Dreams, Small Shoulders--Bibbs as the Singer-Docent -- in this new work by Deborah Pittman (as above).

=January 19, 2 pm. Book-Film Event for Bibbs' new (6x9 sized) edition of Heritage of Power -- a book on Mary Ellen Pleasant. Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Promenade Center, Natomas, CA: See the awardwinning PBS half-hour film The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant and hear Susheel's opening with readings entitled "Before Martin There Was Mary. Contact: Julia

=January 31, 6pm. Free Book-Film Event for Bibbs' new edition of Heritage of Power on Mary Ellen Pleasant at California Historical Society 678 Mission St., downtown, San Francisco. See the awardwinning PBS half-hour film The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant and hear Susheel's opening talk entitled "Before Martin There Was Mary, including readings from the new book. Contact: Kathy J. Young,

=February 17, 3 pm, O Freedom! -- The one-woman, gala musical on Mary Ellen Pleasant returns to San Francisco!! Bibbs as Pleasant, Jacqui Hairston (pianist), and Pope Flyne (master drummer). Bayview Opera House 4705 Third Street San Francisco, CA 94124. For cost/details email Barbara Ockel at Phone: 415.824.0386. Plenty of security and parking. - San Francisco's oldest Opera House.

==Feb 23, 7:30pm. Free Book-Film Event for Bibbs' new 6x9 sized edition of Heritage of Power on Mary Ellen Pleasant at Avid Reader, 617 2nd Street, Davis, CA: Hear a talk entitled MEET MARY PLEASANT with visuals and readings along with excerpts from the Bibbs one-hour documentary (now on PBS). Contact: Nicholas at

=Mar 16, 7pm. Appearance/Book-sales at Sophia University, Auditorium, Palo Alto. Event honoring ancestral waters
= Mar 17, 9:30pm. KCSM-FM. Interview with me on Mary Ellen Pleasant with famous jazz selections to highlight the interview. I won't sing them of course, but I will use them to help tell Pleasant's story. Do tune in and tell others

= Mar 23, 2 pm. FREE Barnes & Noble book-film event (700 4th St., Santa Rosa) -- Multi-media presentation with song and excerpts from my award-winning PBS film. If you saw the short version, you'll love seeing new material from the full-length documentary. Please pass the word.
= Mar 24, 2pm: Chautauqua sponsored by Sonoma County Historical Society.-luncheon and my chautauqua (dramatic enactment) of Mary Pleasant -- This version differs from the musical one, but provides equal fun and upliftment. Combined event ($40): Brunch at 12am., Bibbs’ 1 hour dramatic Chautauqua (Meet Mary Pleasant) begins after the meal at 1:30. Venue: Flamingo Resort. Open to the public with required purchase.
Contact: Marjorie Torliatt at Website:

April/May -- Bibbs will write during this period

=Jun 15 (1:45 pm) The Hyers Sisters: Voices for Freedom -- An Offering in Word and Song.-- for attendees of the REAP National Conference on the Spiritual. University of Denver, CO. Bibbs' new research on 19th-century activist Divas -- The Hyers Sisters --are subjects of this colorful, touring multi-media, lecture-performance presentation. Bibbs narrates, shows visuals and film clips, sings songs, spirituals, and a duet with special guests -- renowned composer/pianist Jacquieline Hairston and award-winning baritone Robert Sims.

=Jul 29 Panelist at SF Commonwealth Club: The Influences of Art (Past, Present, Future, cosponsored by Afro Solo, 595 Market St. Tickets:

=Sept 25, 8pm. (closed event) Lecture-Screening-Signing, Lecture: Heritage of Power, Screening: The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant, Sausalito Women's Club Preservation Society CA. Contact: Phoebe Fielding

=Jan. 22, 2pm, Screening. award-winning PBS film -- Meet Mary Pleasant at California African-American Museum (CAAM) in Los Angeles at 2 pm -- 600 State Dr. More on CAAM?

=Mar. 17, 2 pm. LECTURE WITH MUSIC! Free. "Voices for Freedom -- Meet The Hyers Sisters" -- Bibbs' new research on 19th-century activist Divas -- The Hyers Sisters --subjects of her next film project. Bibbs sings with special guests (renowned composer/pianist Jacquieline Hairston and award-winning baritone Robert Sims)Venue: African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO), 659 14th St., Oakland, CA.:
Details: aamlo?xg_source=msg_appr_event

June 1, 2:40 pm. LECTURE WITH MUSIC AND VIDEO, Rm. 3, Free. "Voices for Freedom -- Meet The Hyers Sisters" --Bibbs reveals African-American activist divas of the 1880's in a multimedia presentation with video and song. Venue: The Hawaii Intertational Conference on the Social Sciences, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa, Rm. 3, Honolulu, HI

Schedule of Sailing Away Presentations, Zaccho Dance Theater, San Francisco
=September 11, 10:30am, Bayview Opera House, San Francisco
Meet Mary Pleasant mini-Chautauqua for youth. Presented by Zaccho Dance Theater
=September 13, 5pm, FREE. California Historical Society. Post-event panel participant for the Zaccho Dance production of Sailing Away -- an open-space/outdoor dance presentation on Market Street at 2 pm. based on the migrations of early SF civil rights leaders.

=September 25, 2pm, Lecture-Screening-book event, African American Museum (Old New Guinea African Meeting House), Nantuctket, MA, Free

=Nov. 4, 2pm, An Offering in Word and Song: Celebrating The Hyers Sisters --Voices for FreedomSusheel Bibbs tells the Hyers story through visuals, video, and singing. A colorful, moving program
MoAD, 685 Mission, St., San Francisco, $10 gen., $5 seniors/students. 

=Nov. 29, Big Dreams, Small Shoulders, by Deborah Pittman: Bibbs as Singer-Narrator for a gala presentation of an original work based on the famous Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby Bridges, the six-year-old who was involved in school desegregation in 1960 -- featuring narration, song, puppetry, and instrumental music. Bibbs sings spirituals and narrates. (see performances below) by Deborah Pittman, Crocker Museum, Sacramento (preliminary lecture, 4pm, free, Contact: Crocker events co-ordinator , 216 O Street_Sacramento, CA 95814_916.808.7000_

=Dec. 28, 2pm, Kwaanza concert, at Crocker Museum, Sacramento
Bibbs as Singer-Narrator for a gala presentation of an original work, Big Dreams, Small Shoulders by Deborah Pittman, based on the famous Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby Bridges, the six-year-old escorted to an all-white school in 1960 bu US Marshalls-- featuring narration, song, puppetry, and instrumental music. Bibbs sings spirituals and reads the role of The Docent. Contact: Rika Nelson, 216 O Street_Sacramento, CA 95814, Ph. 916.808.7000
Plan to come!

2011 -- Archive

January 15, 5-7:30pm, Napa Valley Museum, Yountville, CA, $35 donation-- Benefit Reception to raise matching funds to repair Mary Pleasant's grave site. Please come or donate. A wine-pouring by Black Coyote Winery (African-American owned), catered h'orsdeuvres, plus a brief talk and an awardwinning film screening by Susheel Bibbs are featured -- mini-Talk: BEFORE MARTIN THERE WAS MARY. Screening: THE LEGACY OF MARY ELLEN PLEASANT, (Bibbs' Telly Award winning TV short). Come help us preserve history!

Contact: Pat Alexander,
Donations c/o Pat Alexander, Napa Valley Museum, 55 President's Circle, Yountville, CA 94599

January 16, Free Screening and talk. Oakland Museum, 4:30-6pm, Lecture Hall, FREE -- Oakland premiere screening of Bibbs award-winning feature documentary -- MEET MARY PLEASANT (Mother of Civil Rights) and a brief pre-screening mini-talk (BEFORE MARTIN THERE WAS MARY). Road Scholar and The Museum are sponsors. If you missed the film on PBS-TV, this is the place to be!

1000 Oak St. at 10th St., Contact: Carolee Smith,

On February 5 at 2 pm The African-American Museum and Library at Oakland (659 14th St., Oakland) will present Susheel Bibbs' exhibit, MOTHER OF CIVIL RIGHTS, a tour and talk by Dr. Bibbs on her research entitled MARY PLEASANT -- A FRIEND OF JOHN BROWN, and her award winning short film on Pleasant entitled THE LEGACY OF MARY ELLEN PLEASANT. This is new version of Bibbs' exhibit seen only at the Haggin Museum and in the Midwest. The event is free and runs through March 12.
Contact: Rick Moss, or email

February 17, Children's Programs. Oakland Museum, Susheel Bibbs' special children's programs and screenings: 10am (K-3) -- film short: THE LEGACY OF MARY ELLEN PLEASANT; 11:30 am (Grades 4-8) -- short version: MEET MARY PLEASANT. Both short films are award-winners too. Contact: Carolee Smith, This is a one-time offering. (see adult screenings JAN. 15, 16 above)

May 7, 2pm, San Leandro Public Library Series: Chautauqua (live enactment): MEET MARY PLEASANT, Contact:, 300 Estudillo Ave, San Leandro 94577 (see more under the NEWS tab)
More to come!!

June 11, 11:30am, Tulocay Cemetery: Dedication of Mary Pleasant's new grave-site marker. Emcee: Nancy Brennan, Tulocay Historian; Libation leader: Dr. Halifu Osumare, U.C., Davis; Keynote speaker and song leader: Dr. Susheel Bibbs. Other special guests include owners of the plot, author/historian Lauren Coodley, Guy Washington of the National Park Service, and officers of the Cemetery, The Napa County Landmarks, The Napa County Museum, the SF African American Historical and Cultural Society, and The African American Museum and Library, Suzy Jones, a major donor to the marker. See the San Francisco Chronicle and Napa Valley Register for coverage.


March 14, 7pm, Movies on A Big Screen Series. Screening of MEET MARY PLEASANT and talk by Susheel Bibbs -- Guild Theatre, 35th and Broadway, Sacramento, CA -- $5 admission. Sponsored by The Sacramento Historical Society. Contact:

July 29, TBA pm, Chautauqua: MEET MARY PLEASANT -- featured performance at the banquet of The National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program Conference, Topeka, KN -- details to follow. Contact: Guy Washington <>


2009 Archive
Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary film, is now on DVD and on for on demand and digital download. Access the site to order a single DVDor a DVD with bonus material on this site "our store."

The film will begin broadcasts on PBS again this year.

January/February 09
MEET MARY PLEASANT broadcast on PBS in Phila, SF, San Jose, New Orleans, Detroit, Bowling Green, LA, and on many other PBS stations -- check your listings.

Feb. 18. Chautauqua, 11:15 am, San Diego City College

March 09

=March 29, 11:45 am, MEET MARY PLEASANT, Sacramento International Film Festival in CA History Day at the Festival. Susheel will be there! CA Train Museum (Cinema), I St., Old Town Sacramento (near Sacramento Amtrak)
Tickets and information:

April 09
=April 9, 7 pm, MEET MARY PLEASANT, at the Community Film Series, Los Angeles. 3351 W. 43rd St., Lucy Florence Cultural Center, Leimert Park. Susheel will be there!
Information: or call 322-293-1356

=April 18, 10am, MEET MARY PLEASANT, Spelman College--
Cosby Academic Ctr, room 103, 10 am-noon. Please pass the word!

AFRICA IN THE DIASPORA event --See the event schedule for Friday and Saturday by putting the link below in your browser.
Susheel will be there!
Contact: Dianne Whyte at

May 09
May 2, Chautauqua -- John Brown Seminar, Chatham Black Historical Society, WISH Center, Chatham, ONT
Contact: heritageroom


Sept 09
Sept 14, 11 am, St. Charles Community College,Screening of MEET MARY PLEASANT and Q&A by Susheel Bibbs, St. Peters, MO

Oct 09 -- none

Nov 09
Nov. 1, 3 pm., Screening of MEET MARY PLEASANT and talk by Susheel Bibbs: The Way of A Mambo, A Heritage of Power. Holistic Healing Expo, Holiday Inn Express, Elk Grove, CA (near Sacramento off Hwy 99); Expo runs 9:30-5. Come early. Bibbs' book and DVD's on sale at a discount at this event.

Dec 09 -- Watch for a new chautauqua! Book now



January 08

Jan. 12, 2007, Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary for TV uplinks to the PBS Network -- The distributor is NETA. Check your local listing for an airing in your city.

February 08

Februar y 29, 8pm, Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, will air on KVIE-TV, Sacramento PBS, Ch. 6. Check your local listings for the scheduling with your PBS affiliate.

March 08

Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, screens nationwide and at American River College, Sacramento. History Dept.

May 08

May 21, 12pm, Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, screens at Cannes Film Festival (Marche du Film) under ITN Distribution. Gray D'Albion, Cinema 3.

June 08

June 4, 11:30 am, Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, screens as a finalist at the Hollywood Black Film Festival (Beverly Hills). Check back to learn results. Laemmle Music Hall, Cinema 3, $9

June 12, 7pm, FREE. Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, screens at the Missouri History Museum; Bibbs Q & A follows.

July 08

July 6, 9:30 pm, Meet Mary Pleasant, the documentary, airs on KETC-TV, PBS Ch. 9, St. Louis, MO.

Check your local listings for the scheduling with your PBS affiliate.

August 08

Date TBA, MEET MARY PLEASANT screens at the African Marketplace in LA!
Follow up from the Cannes screening has placed the film in the "Cinema After Dark Showcase" outdoors at the AFRICAN MARKETPLACE AND CULTURAL FAIRE held in LA August between Aug 16 and Sept. 1. Check the screening time on their site after Aug. 1 at
AfricanMarketplace Amphitheatre, 8:15pm each nightFirst AME Church and The African American Museum in LA will be community sponsors -- more to come

Watch for a UK screening soon!



January 07

Jan. 12, 2007, 4:15 pm, Chautauqua/technical presentation: Meet Mary Pleasant, International Conference of Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI

Jan. 13, 2007, 1:15 pm, Lecture-Demo: The Art of the Spiritual, International Conference of Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI, 1:15 pm

February 25, 2007, 3 pm, O Freedom! Musical, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, 3 pm


March 28, 7:30 pm, Bibbs' TV Documentary: “The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant,” Viewfinder series, KVIE-TV, (PBS) Sacramento, CA

Note: DVDs now on sale: MEET MARY PLEASANT (on this Web site store) and The Legacy of Mary Ellen Pleasant --


April 27. 28, Talk: Zora and Voudou – A Heritage of Power, Zorafest, Ft. Pierce, Florida, time TBA -- Festival on the life and works of Zora Neale Hurston

May-Aug -- Bibbs completion of screenings, the one-hour TV documentary - -Meet Mary Pleasant, and presentations for the El Dorado and Placer County School systems

October 5-7 - Watch for MEET MARY PLEASANT (41 min version) in the Berkeley Film and Video Festival, 2113 Kittredge St at Shattuck in the California Cinema. Check their listing for the scheduled time/day:

Watch for Dr. Bibbs at St. Mary's College soon

Past Performance Highlights and Events

January 06
Jan. 10, 2006, 7:30pm, Mary Ellen Pleasant Chautauqua, San Francisco Historical Society and Museum, Contact: "Christina Waldeck" <>

Jan. 19, 2006, 3:30-5pm, Talk: Who is Mary Pleasant:, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA
Contact: Mary Volmer, Garamani Hall, Rm 200


March 28, 2006, 6pm, Talk: Who is Mary Pleasant?, 1st Mary Ellen Pleasant Golf Tournament, San Francisco, CA
National Congress of 100 Black Women, San Francisco Chapter,The San Francisco Presidio Golf Course
Contact: I. Lee Murphy-Reed,

March 31, O Freedom! Pleasant Musical (see below) under April

O Freedom! Pleasant musical chautauqua(Mar. 31) and the

Art of the Spiritual Master Class (April 1, 3 pm), MI State University, Hattiesburg, MS, Music Dept. (email for details), composer Jacqueline Hairston at the piano
Contact: Dr. Kimberley Davis

Watch for Dr. Bibbs in Florida on April 29 at the Zora Neale Hurston Festival, St. Lucie, FLA

Performances TBA

Performances TBA

Watch for the new Mary Pleasant biography Fall 07.

Performances TBA

Performances TBA

Performances TBA

Performances TBA

No performances scheduled at this time.

Talk: A Heritage of Power, New College, San Francisco, contact: Dr. Deborah Grinn

January 05
1/9: Susheel appears at Beth Eden Church, Oakland, Jan. 9, 3pm


No performances scheduled at this time.

April 05
4/17, 4 pm, AGMA Relief GALA Concert: Susheel will sing a spiritual and art song. Contact Julianne B. Knell ( ) for time and place.

4/24, 4pm, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA: "The Art of the Spiritual" Bibbs' Master Class/lecture and demo. Contact Dr. Mel Foster for details. 414-215-2601 x 2065

Lecture: Exploring the African influence, the Slaves' Life Stories, the Language Styles in Negro Spirituals. Spirituals Education Forum at the West Oakland Senior Center, Oakland, CA.

Susheel's collegiate level master class: The Art of the Spiritual -- unlocking the full spectrum of the spiritual for performance. 85th National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. (NANM) Convention, Detroit.

Susheel receives a "Spirituals Heritage Keepers Award" by Friends of Negro Spirituals at their Bay Area Negro Spirituals Heritage Day.

Chautauqua at Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society. All day event: Embracing Paradox--Remembering and Reshaping the Story of John Brown.

Susheel sings two solos with Kensington Symphony. UC Berkeley Greek theatre.

Susheel appears as soloist on the Festival of Spirituals, National Assn. of Negro Musicians event, Allen Temple Baptist Church,Oakland, CA

Inaugural for Bibbs' Meet Mary Pleasant DVD Archive, 1 PM, African American Museum & Library at Oakland, 659 14th St., Oakland.

2/27 and 2/28/04
Bibbs is featured in a segment on MEP in the documentary African Americans in California's Heartland. KVIE, Ch. 6, Sacramento.

CAL State Sacramento and the African American Cultural Society present the MEP Chautuaqua at the Juneteenth Festival at Negro Bar State Park, Sacramento area.

The musical chautauqua, O Freedom!, at the League of Volunteers, City of Newark, Newark, CA. Special music performance -- live ensemble, period music, Susheel as Pleasant in song and drama.

MEP Chautauqua, Town Hall Theatre, Lafayette, CA.,Taped for a future TV documentary.